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GetterroboPlus Puu

Name GetterroboPlus Puu
Status active: robot actively in use
Description Puu robot is used to gater data from registered site in Search Engin "straight FLASH!!" for building anouncement page of state of renewal of registered site in "straight FLASH!!". Robot runs everyday.
Purpose Purpose of the robot. One or more of: - gathering: gather data of original standerd TAG for Puu contains the information of the sites registered my Search Engin. - maintenance: link validation
Type standalone
Platform unix
Language perl5
Availability none
Owner Name marunaka
Owner URL
Owner Email
Exclusion yes (Puu patrols only registered url in my Search Engine)
Exclusion User-Agent Getterrobo-Plus
Host straight FLASH!! Getterrobo-Plus, *
From yes
UserAgent straight FLASH!! GetterroboPlus 1.5
History This robot patorols based registered sites in Search Engin "straight FLASH!!"
Environment hobby
ID Puu
Modified Date Fri, 26 Jun 1998
Modified By