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Name PiltdownMan
Status active
Description The PiltdownMan robot is used to get a list of links from the search engines in our database. These links are followed, and the page that they refer is downloaded to get some statistics from them. The robot runs once a month, more or less, and visits the first 10 pages listed in every search engine, for a group of keywords.
Purpose statistics
Type standalone
Platform windows95, windows98, windowsNT
Language c++
Availability none
Owner Name Daniel Vilà
Owner URL
Owner Email
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent piltdownman
Host 62.36.128.*, 194.133.59.*, 212.106.215.*
From no
UserAgent PiltdownMan/1.0
History To maintain a database of search engines, we needed an automated tool. That's why we began the creation of this robot.
Environment service
ID piltdownman
Modified Date Mon, 13 Dec 1999 21:50:32 GMT
Modified By Daniel Vilà