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Robbie the Robot

Name Robbie the Robot
Status development
Description Used to define document collections for the DISCO system. Robbie is still under development and runs several times a day, but usually only for ten minutes or so. Sites are visited in the order in which references are found, but no host is visited more than once in any two-minute period.
Purpose indexing
Type standalone
Platform unix, windows95, windowsNT
Language java
Availability none
Owner Name Robert H. Pollack
Owner URL
Owner Email
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent Robbie
Host *
From yes
UserAgent Robbie/0.1
History The DISCO system is a resource-discovery component in the OLLA system, which is a prototype system, developed under DARPA funding, to support computer-based education and training.
Environment research
ID robbie
Modified Date Wed, 5 Feb 1997 19:00:00 GMT
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