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Name Search.Aus-AU.COM
Cover http://Search.Aus-AU.COM/
Details http://Search.Aus-AU.COM/
Status - development: robot under development
Description Search-AU is a development tool I have built to investigate the power of a search engine and web crawler to give me access to a database of web content ( html / url's ) and address's etc from which I hope to build more accurate stats about the .au zone's web content. the robot started crawling from on march 1st, 1998 and after nine days had 70mb of compressed ascii in a database to work with. i hope to run a refresh of the crawl every month initially, and soon every week bandwidth and cpu allowing. if the project warrants further development, i will turn it into an australian ( .au ) zone search engine and make it commercially available for advertising to cover the costs which are starting to mount up. --dez (980313 - black friday!)
Purpose - indexing: gather content for an indexing service
Type - standalone: a separate program
Platform - mac - unix - windows95 - windowsNT
Language c, perl, sql
Availability - none
Owner Name Dez Blanchfield
Owner URL not currently available
Owner Email
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent Search-AU
Host Search.Aus-AU.COM,,
From no
UserAgent not available
Environment - hobby: written as a hobby
ID search_au
Modified Date Fri Mar 13 10:03:32 EST 1998
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