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Smart Spider

Name Smart Spider
Status active
Description Classifies sites using a Knowledge Base. Robot collects web pages which are then parsed and feed to the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base classifies the sites into any of hundreds of categories based on the vocabulary used. Currently used by: // (Travel and Tourist Info) and // (Christian Sites). Several options exist to control whether sites are discovered and/or classified fully automatically, full manually or somewhere in between.
Purpose indexing
Type standalone
Platform windows95, windowsNT
Language C++
Availability data, binary, source
Owner Name Ken Wadland
Owner URL
Owner Email
Exclusion Yes
Exclusion User-Agent ESI
Host 207.16.241.*
From Yes
UserAgent ESISmartSpider/2.0
History Feb '96 -- Product design begun. May '96 -- First data results published by Travel-Finder. Oct '96 -- Generalized and announced and a product for other sites. Jan '97 -- First data results published by GoLightWay.
Environment service, commercial
ID smartspider
Modified Date Mon, 13 Jan 1997 10:41:00 EST
Modified By Ken Wadland