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w@pSpider by

Name w@pSpider by
Status active
Description wapspider is used to build the database for, a search engine for mobile contents; it is specially designed to crawl wml-pages. html is indexed, but html-links are (currently) not followed
Purpose indexing, maintenance (special: dedicated to wap/wml pages)
Type standalone
Platform unix
Language c, php, sql
Availability data
Owner Name Dieter Kneffel
Owner URL (corporate)
Owner Email
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent wapspider
NOINDEX [does not apply for wap/wml pages!]
Host *, *
From yes
UserAgent w@pSpider/xxx (unix) by
History this robot was developed by in 1999 for the world's first wap-search engine
Environment service, commercial, research
ID wapspider
Modified Date Fri, 23 Jun 2000 14:33:52 MESZ
Modified By Dieter Kneffel,