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Digimarc MarcSpider

Name Digimarc MarcSpider
Status active
Description Examines image files for watermarks. In order to not waste internet bandwidth with yet another crawler, we have contracted with one of the major crawlers/seach engines to provide us with a list of specific URLs of interest to us. If an URL is to an image, we may read the image, but we do not crawl to any other URLs. If an URL is to a page of interest (ususally due to CGI), then we access the page to get the image URLs from it, but we do not crawl to any other pages.
Purpose maintenance
Type standalone
Platform windowsNT
Language c++
Availability none
Owner Name Digimarc Corporation
Owner URL
Owner Email
Exclusion yes
Exclusion User-Agent
Host 206.102.3.*
From yes
UserAgent Digimarc WebReader/1.2
History First operation in August 1997.
Environment service
ID webreader
Modified Date Mon, 20 Oct 1997 16:44:29 GMT
Modified By Brian MacIntosh